Wednesday, November 15, 2017

New book on the 'eight circuits' of Leary and Wilson

New Falcon Publications has just put out a new book, The Eight Circuits of Consciousness, by James A. Hefferman.

The eight circuit model was created by Timothy Leary and is discussed by Robert Anton Wilson in the latter's book, Prometheus Rising. The dedication for the book reads, "DEDICATED to the memory of Robert Anton Wilson Vivat spiritus."

Hefferman explains the book in a YouTube video that's just under five minutes long:

I have not had time to read the book -- I really just heard about it. The paperback is a hefty $29.95, but the Kindle is $8.99. As with other Kindle ebooks, you don't have to own a Kindle to read it; you can use a Kindle app for your smartphone or whatever other device you use. I'll buy the Kindle soon and read it when I can.

Heffernan is on Facebook and lives in Sandy, Utah. He's a member of the Robert Anton Wilson Fans group.


tony smyth said...

Thats sounds great (apart from the outrageous $30 for a paperback)

Bob Mutascio said...

Okay, but nothing you said added anything to what Wilson and Leary have already said and written about.

Where are you adding to their work? I got no sense of that.

michael said...

I can't tell: is this the same James Heffernan who is the Joyce scholar? If so, that's sorta wonderfully weird to me.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

I'm afraid the young dude in Utah who wrote the book does not appear to be the James Heffernan who is an emeritas English professor at Dartmouth.

michael said...

Ahhh...weird: the video of this guy did not appear the first time I saw this post.

michael said...

ADDENDA: I watched this entire video. Jimmy seems very interested in the 8 Circ. Model, but I strongly suspect most of the RAWphiles who read this blog would really really RILLY dig whatever Mike Gathers had to say about the 8CB Model.

Hell: Gathers had original ideas about the 8CB Model 10 years ago; one can only imagine how he's fleshed it out by now.

Still, to be fair, I still want to read Heffernan's book. But not for $30. Two words that are golden for me: Interlibrary Loan.