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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Watch a five minute video of RAW by Rasa

It's just been uploaded to YouTube.

The video is called "Non Simultaneously Apprehended."

On Facebook, Rasa explains,

"A year after RAW rode the great lasagna over Monterey Bay, Maybe Logic documentary maker Lance Bauscher gave me some outtakes (and a few intakes) from his project so I could make a small video, something enticing for the home page of the update I was building of the website. I put together a five minute video, and as was the custom, I made it into a cool-looking Flash animation. I used to love Flash animation, until Apple went to war with Adobe. In any case, for a number of years I've wanted to put the video into an HD format and upload it to YouTube. I finally got around to it. Many thanks to Lance for the video, Bastian for the music, Brummbaer (may he rest in hyperspace) for the fractal backgrounds I added to the HD version, and special thanks to Bob for always having something mind-expanding to say."

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