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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Coincidance up next for Hilaritas

Cover for Coincidance, although it's likely the new edition will have a new cover

With the publication of Email to the Universe, another collection, Coincidance: A Head Test is the next scheduled authorized reprint from Hilaritas Press. It's the next one scheduled according to the publication schedule listed at the Hilaritas website, and I know that work has been done on it.

I am excited about the impending publication of Coincidance. There was a reading group for it here in 2013, still available on this page, and when the book is republished by Hilaritas, I will clear out any accumulated spam in the comments. I'm also excited about the books that come next: The three Historical Illuminatus! novels, and then Cosmic Trigger II: Down to Earth, which is think is an underrated masterpiece.

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