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Monday, July 31, 2017

Robert Anton Wilson on Usenet

 Dr. Lawrence Eng

Lawrence Eng, a " a social scientist specializing in online communities, user research, and otaku studies," has used information posted in this blog to carefully compile a list of links to Usenet postings by "Mark Chan," the pseudonym used by Robert Anton Wilson for such postings.

Eng writes, "I hope you enjoy reading RAW's unfiltered and unedited Usenet posts as much I did. He must have had a certain amount of trickster-ish fun posting under an assumed name, especially in discussion threads about his own work."

Good work, Dr. Eng!

He mentions, "Someone on Twitter pointed out Mark Chan = Mark(off) Chan(ey), aka "the MGT". It's a fitting pseudonym =)"

 If you are into Otaku, it looks like you should check out the rest of his blog.

(The Email to the Universe reading group will resume soon.) 

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