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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Anyone want to be a volunteer correspondent?

Daisy Campbell 

I won't be able to attend the July 23 RAW Day event in Santa Cruz, featuring Daisy Campbell, Richard Rasa, Erik Davis, Christina Pearson and other luminaries. (Bobby Campbell has just announced he'll be there, and I'll bet other names you recognize from this blog will attend, too.)
Since I can't go, would anyone be interested in snapping some pictures and doing a writeup, to be posted here on the blog? 

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Adam Gorightly said...

I plan to be there, but I've promised to do a write-up for The Daily Grail...right after RAW Day I'm on a flight to Santa Fe to appear in a feature film in the role of a wise-cracking Freemason killer (I kid you not) and so hope to write the article during downtime on the set (between 7/24 - 8/5) Hail Eris!