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Friday, September 9, 2016

Alan Moore in the New York Times

Alan Moore

One of my favorite bibliophile features anywhere is the New York Times' "By the Book" feature, in which a famous person is quizzed, using pretty much the same set of questions, about what they like to read.

Modern literary culture being as vast as it is, usually the persons interviewed have interests that verge from mine, although of course I enjoyed the Nick Offerman piece.  But the latest is an interview with Alan Moore, and it turns out I like a lot of the same authors he does (besides Robert Anton Wilson).  Bless him for mentioning how great John Higgs is, and here are some of his favorites: "Pynchon; Coover; Neal Stephenson; Junot Díaz; Joe Hill; William Gibson; Bruce Sterling; Samuel R. Delany; Iain Sinclair; Brian Catling; Michael Moorcock (his currently underway “Whispering Swarm” trilogy is astonishing); Eimear McBride; the remarkable Steve Aylett for everything, and in particular for his indispensable and quietly radioactive “Heart of the Original”; Laura Hird; Geoff Ryman; M. John Harrison; screenwriter Amy Jump."

Moore doesn't mention Robert Anton Wilson, but the interview focuses largely on living writers, so that's apparently why.

Hat tip, R.U. Sirius on Twitter.

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Rarebit Fiend said...

This article was fantastic. I feel like I've read so many Alan Moore interviews over the years that his answers get repetitive but this I was pretty surprised by some of the material, I guess I'll be diving into David Foster Wallace, who I always shied away from collegiate prejudice, after I finish Jerusalem which is released tomorrow!