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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday links

Just because: Crater lake photo in Ecuador Tweeted by Charles Davis. 

Beyond Psychedelics, a conference that starts in the Czech Republic on Sept 30. (Fixed, after a commenter noted my mistake.)

The United States is carrying out airstrikes in six countries. 

Philosophically, open borders is a moderate position. 

Peter Thiel on "this year's most important political lesson." 

"On Compulsive Diarists, of Which I Seem To Be One." (Michael Johnson).


saunterer said...

Just a quick fix from a frequent lurker: there's no such thing as "Czechoslovakia" anymore, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are separate countries since 1993.

michael said...

Re: the story about US bombings in 6 countries now: apparently Orwell was a Prophet: we must always be at war with Eurasia...

Speaking of Orwell, Chomsky has long talked about the "Orwell Problem," namely: how people can know so little even when the evidence is right there in front of them?

Too bad Chomsky's linguistics seem worse than useless in helping us explain this. However, his non-linguistics works about this are, in my opinion and ironically, another form of the Orwell Problem.

Really? _Manufacturing Consent_ is all bullshit? Do tell!

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