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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday links

Not the eye in the pyramid, but the eye on the Lovecraft beer. (White Ship White IPA by Narragansett Beer, photo by Chad Nelson)

A tour of Aleister Crowley places. Hat tip, Supergee.

Robert Anton Wilson thought immortality would be great, but Alex Tabarrok points out that not everyone agrees.  

H.G. Wells writes to James Joyce. "Perhaps you are right and I am all wrong. Your work is an extraordinary experiment and I would go out of my way to save it from destructive or restrictive interruption. It has its believers and its following. Let them rejoice in it. To me it is a dead end."

The highest-paid public employee in each state. Guess, just guess.

The Chasing Eris website returns. 

Peace and liberty are my two biggest issues, but that's not how some progressives feel.

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