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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Michael Johnson, on asthma, mystics and artists

Aleister Crowley, asthma sufferer 

I was on vacation last week, and as part of that, I tried to avoid staring at my computer and smartphone for hours every day. Consequently, I am trying to get caught up on items I missed.

One of them was Michael Johnson's piece on the relationship of asthma to creativity; it turns out that many artists and mystics have suffered from asthma (as does Michael, who in addition to being a writer also is a musician who plays the guitar and gives guitar lessons.) Interesting piece, with good contributions in the comments. And it was Charles Faris' ongoing Cosmic Trigger pieces here that got him going.


michael said...

Oh wow thanks; I just saw this.

Yesterday I was reading one of Robert Craft's interviews with Stravinsky. Craft asked Igor what Rimsky-Korsakov was like as a teacher and person, and Igor, in passing, dropped that Nikolai was an asthmatic.

When I was a kid I studied baseball statistics like a Talmudic scholar. What a nerd! Anyway, if you follow baseball you're probably aware that in 1968, Cardinals pitcher Bob Gibson had a 1.12 ERA, completed 28 of 34 starts, with 13 shutouts. That's still astonishing. And he did it with only 2 devastating pitches: fastball and slider. And?

He had asthma.

Martin Wagner said...

Philip K. Dick & Number Six Prisoner Patrick McGoohan had also asthma.

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