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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Cat Vincent's Festival 23 report

Cat Vincent, using a sock pocket to add a visual element to his reading at Festival 23

Ian 'Cat' Vincent attended the recent Festival 23 and reports that he had a great time:

The quickest way to describe how extraordinary it all was... at peak there was about 500 people in that field, ranging from heavy RAW/Discordian elements to folk who just wanted to get pilled up and dance their asses off.

I did not meet a single dickhead on that field.

The full report is available here.  The report reveals that Daisy Eris has written a new play! Cat's periodic newsletter, "Caterwauling," will show up in your email Inbox if you subscribe here.  And here is another report on the festival, from Phacemag.

My interview with Cat Vincent, including discussion of Robert Anton Wilson, magick, Brexit and science fiction, will run next week.

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