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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday links

A sign in Milwaukee. 

The 'Southern Avenger,' libertarian Jack Hunter, repents about the Confederate flag.

How the government stifled Reason's free speech.

Music, before the Internet.

Will John Stuart Mill's library be saved?

James Joyce smartphone apps. 

New Burroughs cut-up book.

A bit of OM. 


michael said...

The Tweet about music before the Internet reminds me of a series of lines I find myself often repeating to my guitar students: "When I was starting out, we stood around the record player and kept putting the needle back over and over on a difficult passage to try to figure out what the guitar player was doing: there were no magazines with tablature, there was no Internet, all the private teachers were too expensive and besides, all they wanted to teach was jazz and classical guitar. We wore out vinyl LPs and record-player needles, but we developed our ears. The other way we learned stuff was to show up at that hotshot player's house with a 12-pack of beer and told him he could have it if he'd show us, like what Jimmy Page was doing on 'Heartbreaker.'"

I always feel like an Old Coot when kids ask me about what things were like when I was their age.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...


I'm amazed that the smartphone I carry around with me gives me acccess to a huge music library. Remember 8 track tapes? They seemed shitty even at the time.

Scott said...

Regarding the Cleveland roof sign that has been a long standing(27+ years) practical joke visible from planes on landing approach into the airport, it always brought a smile & chuckle when returning home to Milwaukee.
Scott in Wisconsin

nakchtra devi said...
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