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Friday, June 26, 2015

Anecdota Press launches

Randolph Bourne, an author for Anecdota Press

I have a new venture, which I hope will complement this blog: I have begun publishing Kindle ebooks under the rubric "Anecdota Press."

I'm working with Gary Acord on this. We haven't quite figured out titles, but I am essentially the editorial director, and he is the "chief technical officer," although he prefers the title "nerd." In other words, I'm trying to find stuff to publish and putting together the manuscripts, and he's in charge of figuring out how to convert it to the Kindle format. Gary is a computer software writer by trade, so this plays to his strength. Eventually we hope to determine if I have a "strength."

Our first publication is War is the Health of the State by Randolph Bourne, a compilation of Bourne's public domain antiwar essays, written during World War I. I couldn't find that anyone had put together a compilation, so I did one myself. It will set you back a whole 99 cents to buy the short book. is published by nonprofit called the Randolph Bourne Institute. Mr. Bourne died in 1918, so he provided a way for me to prove I could publish an ebook on Amazon, without the additional complication of having to deal with an author. We're now working with an author to put out an ebook of his first book. That will likely be our second title. More on that when I have something to announce.

I remain very interested in this blog. Richard Rasa — projects coordinator for the Robert Anton Wilson Estate — wrote in an email the other day, "Both Christina and I both really love" Of course, he was perhaps just being nice, but I appreciated his comment. I'm finally off today, after working 10 days in a row, and after I post this, I will do the next exercise in "Serpent Power" and post another comment in the most recent Illuminatus! post.