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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Did the 'Illuminati Papers' rescue some of Illuminatus' appendices? [UPDATED]

Discordian historian Adam Gorightly kindly shares a tip with me: He emailed me the above, a letter that Robert Anton Wilson sent to Greg Hill, hand dated June 9, 1975. It offers new evidence that some of the appendices left out of Illuminatus! for space reasons found their way into The Illuminati Papers. 

RAW writes, "If ILLUMINATUS hits big enough, Feldman (editor at Dell) thinks we might be able to bring out ILLUMINATI PAPERS, with appendices and other stuff cut from present edition, and other Illuminati matter."

"Feldman" is Fred Feldman, a Dell editor who edited Illuminatus! for publication, and did much of the cutting that Wilson references. You can read my interview with Feldman. You can also read Arthur Hlavaty's review of The Illuminati Papers. 

Adam also mentions that he has enough material to probably turn into another book, which would be great news. For D. Scott Apel's statement that The Illuminati Papers includes cut appendices, see here. 

UPDATE: I wrote to Feldman, who writes back: "I wish I could be of some help to you about this, but I just don’t remember.  I can tell you this: back then, everything was hard copies; either carbon copies or photocopies.  So I’m sure I would have mailed back to the authors any cut pages.  I would never have thrown them away.  Never."

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