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Sunday, June 7, 2015

'Ten Good Reasons to Get out of Bed in the Morning'

Robert Anton Wilson's essay, "Ten Good Reasons to Get Out of Bed in the Morning," was first published in Oui magazine in 1977, and while it has dated a bit (the technology predictions did not work out as planned, although I'm still betting on them in the long run) it's still a powerful essay, still largely convincing in its message. (I have all kinds of communication and entertainment options that didn't exist in 1977. For example, I can communicate with people all over the world with this blog -- I don't need any help from somebody with a printing press. So there's good stuff RAW didn't anticipate in his techno-optimism.) I'm away from home so I can't check this, but I'm pretty sure it's reprinted in Right Where You Are Sitting Now. 

CORRECTION: It is reprinted in The Illuminati Papers, as Chas says in the comments. Thank  you, Chas.

Someone named Matthew Shelton has recorded it on Soundcloud, so that if you like you can listen to it. It's just under half an hour long.