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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Oz Fritz on becoming a recording engineer

Oz Fritz, doing his thing

Oz Fritz is working on a book (working title, Music, Magick and the Game of Life) and he's posted a selection on his blog, "Transition from Assistant to First Engineer," and as you might expect, it's not all techie talk about the equipment he uses in the studio. Here he is, setting up a recording session for a Bootsy Collins* album:

I arrived three hours early to set it up and used Tibetan mandelas, art pictures by Max Ernst and Salvador Dali, psychedelic images, graphics from an illustrated Egyptian Book of the Dead and all kinds of other esoteric and fine art pictures.  It ended up feeling very intense in there, almost uncomfortably so.  You could feel the walls pulsating with light and image producing a natural high, a waking state. I was concerned that I'd gone too far, but the session went quickly and smoothly.

*This is the Parliament/Funkadelic bassist, who also contributed to the Illuminati EP.


Oz Fritz said...

Thanks, Tom! Bootsy's boss in Funkadelic, George Clinton also seems well versed in Illuminati style conspiracy theories. I'm pretty sure he has read RAW on the subject.

nakchtra devi said...
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