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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

RAW's evolving views on gay people

Photo by Teddy O on Unsplash

In Saturday's blog post, I mentioned Martin Wagner's publication of a 1962 letter by Robert Anton Wilson, including this claim: "How will anarchism handle psychopaths? The same way the Zuni handle Suicides, the Trobrianders handle homosexuals, and Summerhill handles bullies. It will not produce them."

It might be worth taking a few moments to go back and read the post, and the comments, which discuss the evolution of RAW's views on gay people. Several comments so far, including from Bobby Campbell, Michael Johnson and Jesse Walker.

Michael, by the way, apologizes for misspelling the name of Lewis Shiner, the excellent science fiction and literary fiction writer who did an excellent interview with RAW.

Michael also says,  "Long Live Martin Wagner!" Yes. 

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