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Saturday, October 22, 2022

Isaac Bonewits on RAW's 1976 Exopsychology class


Prop Anon has been posting a lot of documents at his Chapel Perilous website. The latest is another clipping from the Berkeley Barb, by the noted occult writer Isaac Bonewits, about a 1976 class on Exopsychology taught by Robert Anton Wilson, which had many of the same ideas and themes from Prometheus Rising and Cosmic Trigger. There is quite a bit of discussion of the Eight Circuit Model.

At one point in the class, Bonewits relates, "Wilson played a tape-recording designed to induce a "fifth circuit" experience (similar in many ways to a really good grass high). Everybody floated home after this and returned the next day, noticeably more relaxed." I wonder what the recording was? 

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