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Monday, October 31, 2022

RAW reviews John Lilly


A really interesting discovery by Martin Wagner: Robert Anton Wilson reviews a book by John Lilly, Simulations of God: The Science of Belief.  The book review is published in 1976 in Gnostica magazine. 

I suspect many of you will want to read the whole thing, but here is a bit:

Dr. Lilly is no dingbat and Simulations of God shows the some keen scientific intelligence as his earlier books. Eventually, if we are not irrevocably wed to our old ideas of space and time, we must ask—as Tom Wolfe asked of McLuhan—but what if he’s right? Is it possible that disciplined work on rewiring the nervous system with LSD, sensory deprivation, and traditions derived from Sufism can actually make one a receptor for higher intelligences elsewhere in space-time?

All of the articles Martin has found ought to be integrated into the links at the Robert Anton Wilson Fans website.  Links also ought to be put up for Prop Anon's posts at Chapel Perilous. 


Jesse said...

At the end of the review, Wilson reports that Lilly "has some unkind (or condescending) things to say about one of my contributions to yogic-science, on page 87." In case you're curious what this condescension consisted of, the passage can be read here:

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Thanks, Jesse, I just looked it up. Maybe Wilson was being a bit sensitive.

quackenbush said...

Lots of things "ought" to happen at, but that site hasn't be actively maintained in over 10 years