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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Grant Morrison (and Bobby Campbell) on magick

Grant Morrison has a Substack newsletter, Xanaduum, which in the usual Substack fashion has a mixture of free issues and ones that only can be read by paid subscribers.

Many of the postings are about magick, including the latest piece,  "16/10 BEYOND THE WORD AND THE FOOL Pt3," which is one of the ones that everyone can read. 

There are four comments (typically with Substack, only paid subscribers may post comments), and two are from Bobby Campbell. Part of Bobby's comments:

"I fell down that most illustrious POP MAGIC rabbit hole way back in 2002, with unbelievably awesome results, and can maybe share some insight on this specific journey.

"First off, the only problem with magic is that it works!

"(At least from the practitioner's point of view.)"

"So basically, be prepared for success and be careful what you wish for."

Bobby also talks about that (and Grant Morrison) in the recent podcast I posted about earlier. 

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