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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

John Higgs' book on Blake out today in U.S.

The new John Higgs book on William Blake, William Blake vs. the World, previously available in the U.K., becomes available today in the U.S. 

"It’s a very handsome edition, courtesy of Pegasus Books. It is available from Amazon and all your preferred book shops," John reports. "I’m especially thrilled that my reading of the audiobook will also become available over there on 3rd May as well. If this does okay, it could lead to more of my audiobooks becoming available in the USA and Canada - perhaps even my KLF one, who knows? Let’s see!"

A paperback version becomes available in Great Britain on Thursday.

More John Higgs news and opinion here. Included is discussion of the new KLF movie and John's thoughts on Elon Musk: " I had been thinking of ditching Twitter. I realised that my heart was not in it when I got a Wordle in one and felt no urge to announce this fact. But the notion that Twitter might be about to become a research lab for future Martian civilisation is quite something. Perhaps I’ll stick around on Twitter a bit longer, and see what happens."