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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Hilaritas podcast on Korzybski is well done

I finally caught up with the Hilaritas Press podcast on Alfred Korzybski and it's worth a listen. The show (about one hour, forty minutes) consists of an interview with Dom Heffer, a trustee with the Institute of General Semantics and art editor of the group's publication, Etc. 

Heffer turned out to be an excellent choice. He actually got interested in Korzybski by reading Prometheus Rising, so he's well informed about Robert Anton Wilson's writings about Korzybski, and with his position at the Institute of General Semantics he knows how Korzybski's ideas are faring. (The Institute has an Alfred Korzbyski Memorial Lecture each year, often featuring a big name guest, and RAW gave the memorial lecture in 1997. The podcast opens with a a clip of RAW from that lecture.)

Mike Gathers serves as the host for the podcast, which also features Gregory Arnott and Eric Wagner. All of these guys do well, with Gregory getting in many good, pointed questions. 

The second podcast is about Wilhelm Reich. The podcast is available at Podbean, Spotify, Google and TuneIn; I still think it ought to be searchable from any podcasting app. That's the standard for podcasts that aspire to a large audience. I just checked, and it's still not available at the Podkicker app; I had to download Podbean to listen to it in my car. 

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