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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

News from Joseph Matheny

Joseph Matheny's latest email newsletter has an announcement that will be of interest to Robert Anton Wilson fans:

"I submitted an introduction to the Hilaritas Press re-issue of Robert Anton Wilson's Reality is What You Can Get Away With. 

"I won't ruin it by telling you too much, but I think you'll enjoy the very personal connection that I have with that work and my stories about hanging out with RAW during the period of that book's first release. 

"Because that work references significant media properties, I expect it may take the folks at Hilaritas a while to secure all the necessary clearance. I have faith that they will, in the end, ensure all the rights and re-release this classic work soon."

Rasa confirms, "He wrote a really good intro. We are still working on the tricky rights to the images, so that book keeps getting put behind others on our list. We’re working on it, however."

Matheny also is offering free ebooks through Thursday:

"I have decided to make the following ebooks downloadable free of charge for five days. 

"Liminal by Cameron (Kindle)

"Xen: The Zen of the Other (Kindle)

"Also, the always free, newly updated, final, authorized version of Ong's Hat: The Beginning is available as a PDF and an EPUB.

 "The Kindle books will be free to download starting Sunday, October 31, 2021, until  Thursday, November 4, 2021."

The actual main item in his email is the release of the audio drama version of Xen: The Zen of the Other. For more information and still more Joseph Matheny news, please read the whole thing. You can also sign up for the newsletter 

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