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Friday, November 26, 2021

Upcoming podcast: John Higgs on Timothy Leary

John Higgs

It's been announced that the next Hilaritas Press podcast, set for release on Dec. 23, will feature Leary biographer and everyone's favorite writer John Higgs on Timothy Leary. I am very much looking forward to it.

In the meantime, another interesting podcast has just been released, about Aldous Huxley and his book, The Doors of Perception, featuring Huxley biographer Nicholas Murray.  

I thought Mike Gathers and Ian Blumberg both did a good job of posing questions. Though I admit to being disappointed about one question that wasn't posed, about Aldous Huxley's alleged communication to his widow after his death, as described in Robert Anton Wilson's first Cosmic Trigger book. I have written to Mr. Murray about this; if I get a reply, I'll update this post.

The podcast is available at the link and also on apps:  Podbean, Spotify, Google and TuneIn. 


Oz Fritz said...

I listened to and enjoyed the Huxley podcast. I particularly liked the RAW sample that opened and closed it. Nicolas Murray greatly downplays Huxley's role in the psychedelic revolution. For instance, he glosses over his relationship with Tim Leary to, basically, they met and disagreed. The extent of their relationship gets told in Leary's book High Priest. I think they did disagree on key issues, yet they also worked together.

The rumor, not discussed in the podcast, that Aleister Crowley turned Huxley on to mescaline in Berlin in the 1930s always interested me. After hearing the podcast describing what seems Huxley's initial encounter with mescaline through Humphrey Osmond, I would guess that Crowley's turning him on to it, if true, consisted of telling Huxley about it rather than actually giving it to him. Crowley made multiple experiments with a form of mescaline; his diary records that he and Huxley met a couple of times for dinner when Huxley visited Berlin.

quackenbush said...

Huxley wasn’t our best effort but I think the next two will be home runs.