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Sunday, November 7, 2021

'Overweening Generalist' (kind of) returns

Michael Johnson has not (yet) revived his Overweening Generalist blog, although there's plenty of material there for people to go back and read. For example, if you listened to the recent Hilaritas Press podcast on General Semantics, you can read this blog post on General Semantics, which (among many other points) recommends S.I. Hayakawa's popularization, Language in Thought in Action.

Recently, however, Overweening Generalist comments are being posted at the RAW Semantics blog, and there's a particularly long one, full of ideas, posted for the new RAW Semantics blog post on "Agnostic Grace" I referenced the other day. Michael also comments on the "RAW solipsism #3 – Dynamite Dave’s" recent post. 

Brian also recently paid Wordpress to turn off ads at RAW Semantics. 


michael said...

Tom: the artwork you show for the old OG blog is the best thing here: Bobby Campbell's style always has a slightly mesmerizing effect on me.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Yes, it's nice to have an excuse to post Bobby's art.