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Monday, August 19, 2019

More news from the RAW Trust

Yesterday's blog post about the latest newsletter from the RAW Trust focused on our upcoming The Widow's Son reading group (starts Friday!)  but there are some other items I need to highlight. If you haven't signed up for the email newsletter yet, you can read the latest one here. 

The newsletter from Rasa recommends two new RAW books, Robert Anton Wilson: Beyond Conspiracy Theory edited by V. Vale, and Beyond Chaos and Beyond, edited by D. Scott Apel. Rasa writes about one of his favorite RAW anecdotes in the Apel book. He's also gotten permission to reprint Andrew Bishop's well-down introduction to the Vale book, and published it as a blog post.  Rasa also links to my review of the Vale book, and I've posted many times about the Apel tome, including this review.

Rasa also writes that Hilaritas "has been simultaneously working on our next four reissues of RAW titles on our list."

According to the Hilaritas website, the next four titles scheduled to be republished are Sex, Drugs and Magick: A Journey Beyond Limits, The New Inquisition, Ishtar Rising and Reality Is What You Can Get Away With. Of course, when these reissues become available, I will be reporting on it here. 


supergee said...

I hope that when they reprint Reality Is What You Can Get Away With, they put my blurb on the back like the first two.

Rasa said...

supergee, I have the 1996 New Falcon edition. What is "your blurb" on the back?

Rasa said...

Ah! You mean:

"This book will make you laugh, this book will make you think. Read it and you'll get away with more." – Arthur D. Hlavaty, publisher, Derogatory Reference

Yeah, we can keep that on the new edition. It's a nice quote.

Chad N. said...

I’m so excited for The New Inqusition. Can’t come soon enough.