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Friday, August 2, 2019

RAW movies coming?

Facebook photo from Jonathan Delaney Marsh

Announcement on Facebook from Jonathan Delaney Marsh, film producer at Dirt Floor Revival LLC:

"I thought I should probably give a little sneak peak into one of our new endeavors. So here it is... schrodinger's cat is now out of the bag. I am beyond words..... Dirt Floor Revival is starting the long process of bringing Robert Anton Wilson's works to the big screen and I have chosen to start with THE HISTORICAL ILLUMINATUS CHRONICLES VOL 1 "EARTH WILL SHAKE". I am so honored to be doing so so much more to come. 
"with PMA anything is possible"

This was posted June 26, but I missed it until now. I can't find an update yet in Mr. Marsh's Facebook timeline.

Here is Mr. Marsh's credits on IMDb. Best of luck to him. More information on this, when I get it. 

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