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Thursday, August 29, 2019

'Dadtown' coming out soon

Adrian Reynolds reports that his Dadtown comic book will be released soon. (I read the first parts of it and posted about it, for example here.)  He writes,

"We discovered at a comic convention the quickest way to get across Dadtown is with the phrase “Toddlers with shotguns!”. That element of high-octane weird mayhem comes from being exposed to the shock of 2000AD at the right age, just as it was launched. It’s a story about family messed-up to Greek tragedy levels; whether a clone has an identity beyond the person they’ve duplicated; and how the human inhabitants of an alien world can get beyond colonial thinking. Peek closer and you’ll see environmental and mythic themes too – it all comes together on the subject of monsters... "

A limited edition print that will launch Oct. 19 is for sale (UK only, for now). Details here.

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