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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Peter Fonda -- the RAW connection

Peter Fonda in 2009. Creative Commons photo by Glenn Francis. 

By now, you have likely heard actor Peter Fonda has died. Read the interesting New York Times obituary. 

On Twitter, Prop Anon provides this anecdote:

I met Peter Fonda once at a Kava Bar in Honolulu
I asked him if he knew Robert Anton Wilson
He said "Fuck Yeah" 
He then told me to pick up Bob Dylan's autobiography
"Dylan's a man chauvinist pig, but he can write"
Is what he said
Rest Well Pete. Rest Well

Prop is still working on his RAW biography.  His Twitter account is routinely interesting.


Oz Fritz said...

Cool anecdote! Fonda and Dylan had dealings with each other regarding a couple of songs for Easy Rider - mentioned in the Director's commentary on the dvd.

When is the RAW bio coming out?

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Oz, I've asked Prop about a publication date, and the last time I asked, he did not have one. I'll pass on any news.