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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Castle Perilous 23 starts soon

I can't show you a picture of the secret castle for Castle Perilous 23, but here is Trifels Castle in Germany. Maybe it looks a little bit like the secret Discordian castle in England. 

An update on Castle Perilous 23 (which begins Friday at a secret castle in England): Apparently a few tickets might still be available, check the Twitter account for updates.

A document has been published listing some of the programming, including "Daisy Campbell My Full Confession" and "Pop Culture Magic Workshop With Cat Vincent." I don't know what an "Amatory Artist" is (Sarah Kershaw), nor can I tell you much about "Discordian Resistance Training" or the "Naked Grace Missionaries," but it sounds interesting.

1 comment:

Cat Vincent said...

Naked Grace Missionaries are a band: amazing, powerful sex magic trio. Joined the Tribe at the Sheffield Yellow Arch event.

Going to be an interesting weekend.