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Thursday, February 7, 2019

No more Columbus Day

Original plat for Sandusky, Ohio, showing the streets I drive on four days a week. Note the masonic compass and square design. 

This is rather interesting: The city where I work, Sandusky, Ohio, has dropped Columbus Day as a holiday and is making Election Day a holiday instead. You can read the story from The Hill,  and the article from the newspaper I work at, the Sandusky Register, although the piece is by my colleague Andy Ouriel and not by me.

As I've mentioned before, Sandusky is a city designed by a Freemason. 


Rarebit Fiend said...

Congrats to Sandusky: "Crowleymas 1974—October 12, often associated with an Italian navigator who introduced slavery to the New World
and syphilis to the Old—was celebrated at our apartment house
with weird and eldritch festivities."- RAW, Cosmic Trigger

Branka Tesla said...

Urban geography of American cities seems very Euclidean. My professor of Urban Sociology at University of Zagreb described American cities as "crossword puzzles". Then I moved from Zagreb to Los Angeles and a friend from Paris comes to visit me in LA and says: "I think they plan these streets to stretch in only two directions because of immigrants so they don't get lost."

Not only cities, but some states are square too. As George Carlin used to say in State Farm Prisons: "Much easier to fence off another rectangular state. Rectangular states are cheaper to fence. It saves the taxpayers money." 

Branka Tesla said...

Congrats to square Sandusky in almost square state of Ohio.