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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Alchemy book RAW endorsed

The Alchemy of Opposites by Rudy Scarfallato has an introduction by Robert Anton Wilson and a flattering blurb from Wilson on the back. The blurb reads, "Very, very rarely do I receive a book that arouses my enthusiasm so much as The Alchemy of Opposites. It brings some of the most advanced concepts of Oriental and occidental mysticism into a framework so down-to-earth that even the allegedly esoteric 'unity beyond all opposites' seems so damned obvious that you wonder how anyone could have overlooked it."

Nick Helseg-Larsen spotted the book and sent me a link. Anyone looked at it?


chas said...

Can you post the link?

michael said...

I bought this one a long while ago, and, for New Falcon books not by RAW, it's not bad. But by far the best thing about it is the Intro by RAW, which consists of 12-13 pages by RAW on multi-valued logic.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@Charles, I am confused about the different editions, but here is one link Martin Wagner sent me:

Martin Wagner said...

Introduction to the Third Edition
As a way of introducing this third edition of
The Dance of Opposites, I wish to first point out that the first edition was called The Alchemy of Opposites.

... but there are no 12-13 pages by RAW on multi-valued logic in this eBook edition.

chas said...

I wonder if that introduction is available anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Chas, there is a preview of the book here along with a short Wilson intro.