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Friday, February 8, 2019

Adam Gorightly sets the record straight

Adam Gorightly, right, with Frank Stranges at a California UFO convention in 2007. Mr. Stranges is the author of Stranger at the Pentagon, "the story of Venusian Captain 'Valiant Thor'.” This is apparently a real book, and Valiant Thor penned the epilogue! Don't miss the five star reviews on Amazon.  For context and more UFO weirdness, please go here.

In his latest Historia Discordia blog post, "Imaginary Sources Creating Imaginary History," Adam Gorightly writes, "I’ve taken seriously the task of chronicling, as accurately as possible, the early days of the Discordian Society and its influence on the 1960s counterculture and onward. So when imaginary sources create imaginary history, it certainly leads us down a slippery slope."

Other folks apparently are not as scrupulous, as you'll see if you read Adam's post.

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