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Sunday, May 20, 2018

A meeting of two authors RAW admired

Arthur C. Clarke in 1965 (Creative Commons photo)

An anecdote from Michael Moorcock about his friend Arthur C. Clarke:

Many years after our first meeting I gave a party where I introduced Arthur to William Burroughs, the Beat author of Naked Lunch. No one expected them to have a lot in common, but they spent the next few hours together, sipping orange juice, occasionally asking for the music to be turned down because it was spoiling their conversation.

Lots of other good stories in the piece, available here. 

Hat tip. Supergee.

Bonus: Michael Moorcock on Ray Bradbury. 


Anonymous said...

In Edward de Grazia’s history of censorship wars, Girls Lean Back Everywhere, we learn that Allen Ginsberg was worried when he heard that a debate on the Beat Generation was to be moderated by Clarke, who Ginsberg assumed was a technocrat. But it went well because “He turned out to be a gay Zen Buddhist.”

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

The above comment was Supergee, who had to post anonymously because Google's comments were messed up.