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Friday, May 11, 2018

Come to Pittsburgh, meet with RAW fans!

As I've written before, I am asking RAW fans to who want to meet other RAW fans to consider coming to Confluence in Pittsburgh, July 27-29. Greg Arnott, who led our online reading group for Email to the Universe, and artist and writer Bobby Campbell have committed to coming. In fact, Bobby did the above graphic to help the cause!

Confluence is listing my proposal for a "Robert Anton Wilson in 2018" panel as "likely to occur," meaning that convention program participants may sign up for it. Bobby, Greg and I all have presentations we would like to give, although we don't have a venue yet; we'll figure something out. Confluence has been around for awhile and seems to be well run. Writer Catherynne M. Valente will be one of the guests of honor.

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