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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Battling issues with comments

For some reason, Google has made changes in how it handles comments. I discovered the other day that something was wrong with its system for emailing me comments that were awaiting my approval, and I found that a couple of comments from regular readers had been sitting in the system for a couple of days, awaiting approval. I approved them and I'm now trying to check Blogger every few hours for comments.

More recently, I discovered that Google was only allowing comments on my blog from people with a Google account. I've changed the setting to attempt to fix that and allow everyone to comment.

I am reluctant to moderate comments on this blog, but if I did not do so, the posts would be flooded with "join the Illuminati," "here's where to get your escorts when you are in India" and other unwelcome spam. Google has severe spam issues for its blogs it is apparently unable to fix.


Jesse said...

I feel like the "join the Illuminati" spammers should be allowed in.

Branka Tesla said...

Tom, I don't know if you watched 60 Minutes two weeks ago about Google - The Monopoly! A lot has been said about the power that Google has. Here is the link:

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Thanks for the link Branka. Jesse, I might let a sample Illuminati ad in, just so people can see what I am talking about.