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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Daisy Campbell adds tour dates

Daisy Eris Campbell has added some new London dates (July 11-14) to her "Pigspurt's Daughter" solo tour. According to her new email, the performances feature "*daemonic goading* *Cathars* *JAMs* *gastromantical invasion* and *ripped off Ken Campbell routines*"

Current tour dates (more to be added)

June 15th, 7.30pm - Ebenezer Presents, Aller, Somerset
June 23rd, 7.30pm - Kunst Gallery, Belper, Derbyshire
July 11th - 14th, 7.30pm - Hampstead Theatre, London
August 31st, 7pm - The British Library, London
September 9th, 5pm - The Hub, Leeds

More information here on tickets, etc.

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