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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

More on RAW social media

Since my posting the other day about "Robert Anton Wilson fans who try to be open and thoughtful as a rule" it has been called to my attention that there are other RAW groups on Facebook which also try to offer a quality experience.

@skelethon23 on Twitter wrote to me, "FYI there's another RAW group on Facebook we (I) created called Robert Anton Wilson Legacy, got fed up with all the extreme political posting, it's a good group, if you're interested, or haven't heard of it already, then there's :Keep The Ravioli in Orbit" and another one called "Robert Anton Wilson Fan Club" and Robert Anton Wilson Group" obviously.  here's the link to the legacy group if you're interested ..." I was and I joined. Link here. 

There's also a "Robert Anton Wilson Discussion Group" on Facebook.

I had followed @skelethon23 for awhile on Twitter. "My other accounts here include  @GathererOfData, @Lokimap, @GaianNavigator, @EldritchCleaver, and @ChoiceOfParadoxthis is a kind of fluff-oriented one, most of them are (i have more) anyway cheers!" @skelethon23 reports.

I've long been a member of "Robert Anton Wilson Fans" and "Discordian Libertarians" on Facebook. (The former was founded by Dan Clore, while the latter was established by Jake Shannon.) I've now joined "Robert Anton Wilson fans who try to be open and thoughtful as a rule" and "Robert Anton Wilson Legacy." To join the latter two, you'll have to answer a couple of questions.

If you are on Twitter, follow @RAWilson23, maintained by Bobby Campbell, and go from there. I hesitate to list more accounts, for fear of the folks I'd leave out. I am @jacksontom.

I actually spend more time on Twitter than on Facebook, and I follow many RAW-related Twitter accounts. But please understand that the time I spend on social media is limited. If you put up a really brilliant posting and I missed it, please do not take it personally.

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