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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

"William Reich in Hell: A Punk Rock Opera by Robert Anton Wilson"

Cat Vincent spotted this and shared it on Twitter. He says it has the text of the complete play; I haven't had time to watch it yet. If you know something about this production, please share. 

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Bobby Campbell said...

Oh that's crazy! I thought everyone knew about this! It's one of my fav pieces of RAW media. It was directed by Lance Bauscher, who also directed the Maybe Logic doc, and ran the Maybe Logic Academy. Awesome dude. Oh! He also produced the excellent audio book versions of Illuminatus! and The Earth Will Shake.

Here's the link to the imdb page for the play:

There's a musical montage in the play that has always stuck with me, and esp in current times, set to a chorus of "the world turned upside down," where the officers of the court adapt perverted misunderstandings of Reich's ideas, in a 'do what thou wilt' as 'do whatever you want' type fashion, and Reich runs around helplessly yelling "this isn't what I meant!"

I think of that whenever someone on twitter claims RAW wd love Trump's spectacle of chaos.