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Thursday, March 8, 2018

New book out soon about Luna Wilson

One of the young girls on the cover of this new book apparently is Luna Wilson. 

Author photo of Rebecca Fish Ewan, author of 'By the Forces of Gravity'

By the Forces of Gravity is a new nonfiction book that tells the story of Luna Wilson, Robert Anton Wilson's daughter, and her best friend, author Rebecca Fish Ewan. The book will be released June 19, but presales have begun. Luna's tragic life story will be familiar to many RAW reader from the first Cosmic Trigger book. 

From the press release by Hippocampus Magazines and Books LLC:

Feb. 22, 2018 (LANCASTER, PA) – In what’s been called a genre-breaking
debut memoir, Rebecca Fish Ewan’s illustrated coming-of-age story is told
through drawings and free verse. Set in 1970s Berkeley, California, By the
Forces of Gravity reflects on a childhood friendship cut short by tragedy. In an
era of laissez-faire parenting, Rebecca drops out of elementary school and
takes up residence in a kids’ commune, and we follow her, bestie Luna, and
their hippie cohorts as they search for love, acceptance, and cosmic truths. Full
of adventure and heartache, By the Forces of Gravity promises to pull you in.

The mystical and larger-than-life Luna was the daughter of Robert Anton Wilson, cult author of Cosmic Trigger, The Illuminatus! trilogy and other works. “...Over the years, Luna’s story was reduced to a sad footnote in her father’s more illustrious biography. So, I sat down to write a different story, one that celebrated her life...” said Fish Ewan. The result is an inventive memoir of love, friendship—and resiliency—one that captures the counterculture movement vividly. Inside, readers will find more than 200 pencil-drawn illustrations that help “Me-Then Rebecca” bring their tragically beautiful story to life.

Buy the book early, get a signed print.

Author bio: "Rebecca Fish Ewan is a poet/cartoonist/writer and founder of Plankton Press, where small is big enough. Her writing, cartoons and hybrid-form work has appeared in Brevity, Punctuate, Under the Gum Tree, Mutha and Hip Mama. She also creates zines and teaches in The Design School at Arizona State University (her creative writing MFA home). She has two books of creative nonfiction: A Land Between and By the Forces of Gravity: A Memoir. Rebecca grew up in Berkeley, California, but now lives in Arizona with her family."

You can view her website and follow her on Twitter. You can also read more about the book.

Hat tip: RAW biographer Prop Anon/Gabriel Kennedy. I don't have a publication date yet for Kennedy's new biography but when I get that (or any other news about the book) I will of course share it here.

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Martin Wagner said...

20th Century Women is a good movie about the spirit of the time and I think a RAWfan will like the underlying theme of it.