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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Interview with Sylvia Beach

What was it like to open a bookstore in Paris in its heyday, frequented by James Joyce and Ernest Hemingway? Ask Sylvia Beach!  (The above is a still image, follow the link.)

A fascinating video interview (about 24 minutes) with the woman who published Ulysses, after her pal Joyce complained "My book will never come out" and "sat there with his head in his hands."

Good on you, Steve Pratt, for posting this at Only Maybe. Steve writes, "I find Sylvia's voice unique and strangely soothing, while her conversation on the tale of the tribe proves illuminating.  That it was mostly women who were determined to help get Ulysses published reinforces, to me, the importance of Joyce studies within gender/identity politics in 2018."

So many great writers Sylvia Beach hung out with, at a time when books were king. Such a cool writer.

Oh, and Joyce was nice to everyone. He was a popular guy.

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