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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

'Guns and Dope Party' British edition

Jesse Walker spots a website,, purportedly a website for a London cleaning service, Guns and Dope Party, that tidies up after parties. I think it's "real," but I can't say that I'm sure. Any word from our British friends?

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Rasa said...

Here's the lowdown: The RAW Trust owned the ".com" URL for Guns and Dope Party, but during the turmoil of managing the estate after Bob's passing, the domain name registration expired, by only one day, before we caught it. In that day a rather unpleasant URL reseller bought the domain and contacted us to see if we wanted to buy it back. He wanted $1000. I offer $100, and he refused. We decided to switch the site to and let the URL seller keep the .com version. Apparently he sold it to a party store in the UK. Somehow I doubt he got $1000 for it.

And yes, URL resellers hunting for newly expired domains is a real business.