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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday links

Jordan Peterson. Sage giver of personal advice, right wing troll, or both? 

Twitter discussion of Robert Anton Wilson. "Wilson's 'Guerilla Ontology' would only appeal to those privileged enough to never be the targets of suppression," it's contended. This statement seems wrong to me.

The Slate Star Codex guy, Scott Alexander, likes Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life. (Apparently the book has little of the notorious right wing troll side of Peterson).

Amazon plans to adapt The Three Body Problem.

Ezra Klein on the Charles Murray controversies.  I read Murray but have shunned The Bell Curve, and I think Klein makes a good case and tries to be fair. You can also read a response from Sam Harris. 

"French waiter says firing for rudeness is 'discrimination against my culture'." Reality tunnels! Sometimes the headline seems like enough, but if you like, here's the link. 

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Bobby Campbell said...

It seems fair enough to say that Guerilla Ontology can cut both ways, and also that an ambivalent aesthetic favors the privileged by default, a worthwhile premise, but the resultant commentary kinda goes off the rails into an excessively shallow take on Discordianism. So it goes!