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Friday, May 19, 2017

The bad news about the Soundgarden singer

Chris Cornell. Creative Commons photo via Wikipedia. 

Yesterday when I woke up and turned on my computer, I saw a report that Chris Cornell, 52, lead singer of Soundgarden, had died. He was only 52. Could it be fake news? I checked credible news sources, and it was true.

I don't own any Soundgarden albums, but I checked out the Down on the Upside album from the Hoopla Digital library service and downloaded it to my cell phone, mainly on the strength of the fact that it has my favorite Soundgarden song, "Blow Up the Outside World," and I listened to the tune as I drove to my first errands. I had never paid much attention to the words, but this time I noticed the opening lyric: "Nothing seems to kill me no matter how hard I try." I usually enjoy synchronicities, but this time, not so much.

 I'm not a Chris Cornell expert and I don't know what his issues/problems were. I always liked Robert Anton Wilson's life-affirming philosophy. I like the quote from this interview: "It is a great privilege to be conscious in this universe. Those who understand, shine like stars."

Here is the Butterfly Language blog on Cornell. 

You can also read Carolyn Contillo's piece, written for this blog, on how reading Quantum Psychology helped her deal with depression.  

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