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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rare RAW interview

The Robert Anton Wilson Fans website has a great deal of material, but there are some items that aren't posted there, at least yet.

Austrian RAW fan Martin Wagner has been doing some serious digging, and he recently sent me a 1990 interview with RAW by Antero Alli, published in Mezlim Magazine. He sent me a PDF; I have uploaded it to a storage site, and you can read it here. 

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Rasa said...

Some wonderful examples of RAW distilling concepts here. I love this quote:

"Fundamentalism is a stage of innocence or arrogance where you don't realize the creative role your own brain plays in the reality tunnels you perceive. Sophistication consists in understanding your role as a co-creator of your reality. Fundamentalism is the belief that there's a reality tunnel outside of you that you didn't create but you know all about it. Also, that everybody else must be in that reality or they're "crazy" and should be locked up and punished."