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Thursday, May 18, 2017

PropAnon and Grant Morrison discuss RAW

Grant Morrison at the 2006 ComiCon (Creative Commons photo via Wikipedia). 

Although I try to keep an eye on Boing Boing, here is something that I am afraid I missed at the time: A long interview of comics heavyweight Grant Morrison (The Invisibles, etc.) by Propaganda Anonymous, e.g, Gabriel Kennedy, who is hard at work on a new biography of Robert Anton Wilson, due out from Tarcher next year. When I finally saw it, I was impressed by how long it was, and how much of it was devoted to RAW. (There's also plenty about what's new with Morrison, including the TV shows he's been writing for TV, such as his adaption of his graphic novel Happy, and his adaptation of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.)

Here's a bit of the interview:

You previously mentioned to me that Masks of the Illuminati is your favorite Robert Anton Wilson book. Why is that?

The characters are great – and the way he brings them to life with research and details, Joyce and Einstein, each using his special talents to solve this quintessential modernist occult mystery. There's the gripping, twisting plotline that also doubles as a magical initiation. It's operating on so many levels. It's so brilliant, too, I think because it's self-contained, unlike Wilson's epic trilogies. It would make a great film. David Fincher should do it. The other one I really like is The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles - that's when I came back to reading Wilson in a big way but he never finished that series -

Much more here. 


tony smyth said...

Thank You. That full interview is great.I must get round to the Invisibles some time. I have Sigil sitting in front of my computer now, thats via a Morrison intrduction. I'm usng the 'let it seep into your consciousness til its utterly unconscious' way of using it.
Anyway fine interview.

Bobby Campbell said...

Oh man that interview is the best! GM's my fav writer, after RAW, and Prop asked all the right questions. Whew! Sometimes niche internet culture hits a bullseye!