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Friday, May 5, 2017

New Cosmic Trigger audiobook released as play opens in London

Richard Rasa's illustration of Oliver Senton

The Cosmic Trigger play has opened in London, but there is news on this side of the pond, too: Hilaritas Press has just released a new Cosmic Trigger audiobook, and it's narrated by actor Oliver Senton, who portrays RAW in the play.

I had no idea until a few days ago that an audiobook was in the works, so this is a pleasant surprise.

Senton is a British actor -- check out his official website for photos of him playing various roles in Shakespeare's plays, as well as a wide variety of other work -- so I was surprised when I listened to a sample clip to hear a Brooklyn accent. Yes, he portrays RAW on the book recording, just as he does in the play.

I remarked about this to Richard Rasa, metaprogramming director for the RAW Trust, and he replied, "It was a bit weird for us as well to hear a Brit doing a Brooklyn accent. Oliver made one funny mistake that we fixed in post editing. It came from his interpretation of Brooklynese, and was perhaps a little too Hollywood influenced. Overall, I think he really captured Bob’s spirit, and that’s what convinced us when he first sent some samples."

Hilaritas Press has posted an article about how the project came together, so read on!

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