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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cosmic Trigger's original artist

Dangerous Minds has a new piece up by Martin Schneider about John Thompson, who did an early cover for Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger and many interior illustrations that have been used in many of the editions of the book, including the new Hilaritas Press edition. "As brilliant as he was, even Bob Wilson benefited greatly from having his ideas visualized in such a simpatico manner. John Thompson, a noted figure from the San Francisco comix scene, and someone very interested in mysticism and spirituality, was the ideal person to bring the visionary material to life," Schneider writes.

Hat tip, Michael Johnson.


Martin Wagner said...

Erotic Graphics, a book with art by Thompson from the CT era has been published from the German Volksverlag. It also includes all graphics from CT in A4 format.

Rarebit Fiend said...

I read John Coulthart's post about Thompson over the weekend- I'm sorry I didn't mention it! Here is the interview that John links to that gives a lot of insight into Thompson's spirituality and how RAW's lack thereof created an amount of dissonance between the two. Interesting stuff.