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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Review of a play in London

As the rave reviews continue to roll in for the Cosmic Trigger play in London, I thought some of you might enjoy reading a piece about an earlier play in Britain. From the June 1977 issue of Playboy magazine comes this article about the Illuminatus! play,  It's a nice piece, but uncredited. Does anyone know who wrote it? And is it true that Sir John Gielgud did the voice of FUCKUP?

The young lady on the cover is Patti McGuire, who married tennis great Jimmy Connors.

Thanks to Martin Wagner for sending this to me.


Cat Vincent said...

Yes, it really was Gielgud as FUCKUP.

Adam Gorightly said...

My guess is that Shea might have wrote it as he was still with Playboy at this time,as I recall. There is also someone else who worked at Playboy I can ask.

Rasa said...

"Somewhere between an initiation rite, a marathon dance and an experiment in communal living, Illuminatus!' long day's journey into insanity should appeal to closet lunatics everywhere."

I can relate.

fuzzbuddy said...

Gielgud is featured on Wikipedia today 14th May 2017.