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Sunday, May 14, 2017

'10 Vital Questions' from Butterfly Language

Butterfly Language blogger (and author and editor) Val D'Orazio (current portrait posted at her blog)

I can't cover every provocative or interesting post from Butterfly Language as Val is a very prolific writer, but "10 Vital Questions For You About The Future" seemed particularly interesting to me.

Any one of these questions would be worth a separate blog post. Here's one that she poses:

IV. Do you think that the great advances “just around the corner” in halting the aging process, cybernetics, genetic engineering, and so on are actually meant for the common people at all?

I may be more optimistic on this than Val is. New technology always begins as a plaything for the rich, and then becomes available to everyone else.

The other questions include ones on sex, work, privacy and politics.

I'm currently reading The Chaos Protocols by Gordon White, which Val reviewed and strongly recommended. 

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