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Sunday, January 29, 2017

My civil liberties portfolio

Feeling a need lately to become more politically engaged, I have joined the American Civil Liberties Union and also joined the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I have also formally rejoined the Libertarian Party, after an absence of many years. Here is the party's new press release on immigration.  After the last election the immediate aftermath, I confess that I am less inclined to apologize these days for calling myself a "libertarian."  And it seems like a good idea to stand up for real libertarianism, as opposed to the alt-right and other varieties.

In related news, I've moved up the "Sangha" section of the website up, making the latest news from sites I consider allies easier for site visitors to find.


Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Comment from Supergee, who fought Blogger and lost. I'm posting it for him:

A few days ago, Radley Balko said,

Fellow libertarians: So this last week has shown that Trump the president promises to be every bit as awful as Trump the candidate. His ABC News interview was exceptionally horrifying. Seriously. Go read it. We're now governed by your crazy uncle who sends you all those forwarded emails.

Maybe at this point, stuff like pointing and laughing at liberal/media hypocrisy, crowing about political correctness, invoking "Obama did it too" or "Hillary did it too" arguments, mocking social justice groups who fear Trump -- maybe these should no longer be our main priorities. Maybe this is the time to start directing most or all of our energy at the people who actually hold power now, and who are threatening to do some very unlibertarian things with it. Maybe, just maybe, we could even try to find some common ground with some of those aforementioned groups.

I'm glad there are still libertarians like you two

fyreflye said...

Glenn Greenwald ‏@ggreenwald 47m47 minutes ago

Since Trump's refugee ban, ACLU has received $10 million in donations & 150,000 new members …

fyreflye said...

Another update: 356,306 individual online donations to @ACLU this weekend, totaling $24.2 million.